Fieldlab Blockchain works closely together with Hogeschool Rotterdam (HR) on the subject of logistic applications of Blockchain. The involved part of Hogeschool are the Center of Expertise (CoE) and the educational program Logistics Engineering (LEN). The CoE initiates applied research together with SMEs for concrete logistic applications of this new technology. For this purpose it applies for funding. LEN, collects and generates knowledge and develops educational material to prepare students for working with Blockchain.

Chain en Network Strategies

Blockchain research is integrated in the course Chain en Network Strategies in the Minor Maritime and Port Management at LEN. From 1 September, two groups, both consistigng of five students, conduct research on the possibilities of Blockchain for improving logistic processes within and between companies in the port area. The research involves exploring and managing the existing knowledge and expectations of port related companies about Blockchain. The other two groups in the minor conduct research on Synchromodality an other major challenge for the port. The combination of the two subjects creates insights for the students in both interrelated subjects.

Research Potential at LEN

Next to the minor, the educational program offers more possibilities for research with and for port related companies. Conducting research in the future work field of the students is in fact an essential part of the program. LEN has several time slots during the program in which  applied research in the work field can be integrated. From September to January third year students do their internship in a logistic company. From February to July there are fourth years interns available. These students help companies improve their internal and external processes based on their thorough and up-to-date knowledge. Further, there is a group of excellent Honours Program students that is ready to take on challenges in the work field. This research potential makes it possible to tackle relevant issues for SMEs, such as the implementation of Blockchain technology in cooperation with Blockchain Fieldlab in interdisciplinary teams.


Urgent Call

Companies, which are interested in Blockchain technology or are willing to cooperate with the research, please contact the Blockchain Fieldlab team. This research has a major added value for the individual companies in specific and for the competitive position of the port in general. In most cases funds to conduct research are available at the CoE.

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