Join us the inaugural Cardano community meetup in the Netherlands to learn more about Cardano (July 2018).

The community meetup is for all kinds of interested people who want to know more about the CardanoProject.

For this meetup the Cardano Foundation and Edsko de Vries from IOHK/Team Well-Typed will join us and give talks about Cardano. The specifics can we found below.

Program for the Cardano Meetup:
18.30: Doors open
19.00: Kick-off by Cardano Foundation
19:15: Bernardo David: Talk about Proof-of-stake consensus algorithms & Ouroboros
19:45: Edsko de Vries: Talk about the Cardano Wallet & Coin Selection
20.15: Community Questions & Reaching out (You get the mic to shout-out)
20.30: Networking & Drinks
21.30: Meet-up ends.

Abstract of Edsko’s Talk:
A cryptocurrency wallet is the primary means by which end users from private individuals to large exchange nodes interact with a blockchain. Its primary function is to keep track of the user’s unspent outputs and enable them to submit new transactions into the network. As part of the redesign of the Cardano wallet we have written a detailed mathematical specification, which we use for development and testing. In addition, we have done extensive research into “coin selection”, the process of choosing unspent outputs from the user’s wallet to fulfill a payment request. In this presentation we will give a high-level description of both of these strands of work and provide an opportunity to ask questions.

More info
More info about Edsko de Vries

Abstract: Bernardo’s Talk:
In this talk, Dr. Bernardo David introduces Ouroboros, the first blockchain protocol based on proof-of-stake with rigorous security guarantees. Ouroboros is currently used by the Cardano project blockchain.

Bernardo also walks us through the Ouroboros praos protocol, which improves on the efficiency of Ouroboros and is scheduled to be deployed in the next versions of the Cardano project. He will highlight the main techniques developed in the process of designing these protocols, which find applications in the design and security analysis of other PoS protocols.

Please be aware:
This is a community effort, if you want to contribute to this meetup such as hold a talk, elaborate on a subject or show code, you are very welcome. Please contact the co-organizers here on meet-up or in the forum if you would like to present something.

What can you expect from us:
– Cardano Foundation member(s) attending the meetup and having talks with the community
– A Venue to host the meet-up
– Organizing a program, trying to have enough content which is relevant.
– We are in the process of making sure everything is taken care for in terms of cold beverages and snacks, if we cannot, we will ask you to BYO (Bring your own and maybe for the rest).

More info:
Cardano Roadmap
Testnet Smart Contracts
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