October 19, 13-18h, NHow Rotterdam.

One year after its launch, Blocklab presents results, partners and a lot of projects you should know about. Blocklab is a fieldlab, producing blockchain use cases in energy and logistics, working together with over 30 partners.

The event featured openings by Allard Castelein and alderman Adriaan Visser, the presentation of two new international consortia, both with leading market players, a development track with a.o. the Ocean Protocol, the launch of our virtual data lab, deep dives on energy use cases from Intrinsic ID and Clearwatts, on circular material trading, supply chain finance and our latest partner, the Yes!Delft Validation Lab.

With contributions from experts like Simon Thorne (S&P Global Platts, Content Director, Generating Fuels & Electric Power), Johan Pouwelse (associate professor TU Delft, leading the identity track for the National Blockchain Coalition), Michiel Steeman (lector supply chain finance, Windesheim).


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